On 1.10.2014, LUBSTAR, a.s. became the sole official authorised distributor of Valvoline and Tectyl products for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Valvoline’s headquarters are in the town of Lexington in the state of Kentucky and it is a part of the Ashland concern with an annual turnover in the tens of billions of US dollars. Ashland is one of the 50 largest companies in the USA. The companies within the Ashland concern operate in a wide range of fields, from mining and coal processing via the production of plastics of various use, crude oil processing and motorway construction to waste disposal and creating a healthy environment.

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Today, the company is represented in over 140 countries worldwide. Here in Europe, we too have the opportunity to try out the wide range of products offered by Valvoline. Valvoline’s range includes engine oils, gear oil, motorcycle oil, additives, vehicle care products, plastic lubricants and last but not least protective coatings sold under the Tectyl brand name.

All these products have found their place in our market thanks to their high quality. Valvoline’s emphasis on quality still pays. Renowned European laboratories offer the guarantee of truly high quality products. Research in the United States in new laboratories with cutting edge equipment continue to yield new products which respond to the demands of the time. Dr Ellis, who discovered petroleum-based lubricants, would certainly be proud of his successors in the company he founded. The advancement made in 1866, when the oldest trademark in the field was registered, is extraordinary.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at LUBSTAR for a consultation or to be sent Valvoline and Tectyl product offers. Our knowledgeable business representatives are always willing to accommodate you.

Your Valvoline team – LUBSTAR, a.s.


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