TIGROL is an association of selected petroleum distributors from across Europe with the aim of offering our customers needs-based lubricant products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Our headquarters are located in Germany.

Our experience and the many years of experience of our TIGROL partner network in the manufacture and distribution of engine and transmission oils for end consumers and lubricants in sometimes highly specialised industrial sectors is not only proven by the quality of our products but also by the market- and customer-oriented focus of our range.

In addition to petroleum and synthetic products for cars, recreation, agriculture and forestry, TIGROL offers a large variety of standard lubricants, greases and special products for industrial applications. Depending on the requirements, which are sometimes complex, specially trained TIGROL employees choose suitable products for our customers based on their needs.

produkty Tigrol

Quality management and certified work processes ensure consistent, high TIGROL product performance. Moreover, a team of experienced engineers works continuously to develop our range further.

Our customers and their needs are our focus. We therefore always consider our products and services to be a small but immensely important part of the whole picture. This is because in the end for us it is about making your life and your work a little easier.