Your partner for filtration technology, hydraulic sets and design of filtration sets

The trademark AB FILTER guarantees top quality, achieved by long-term expert analyses in the field of filtration technology, hydraulic components and designs of filtration sets.

Professionals know that more than 70 percent of all faults and premature stoppages in hydraulic systems are caused by dirt.

Choosing the right filtration technology brings the following benefits:

Concepts from the AB FILTER brand have symbolized for more than 30 years the development of filtration procedures, production of filtration sets, and trade in standard and specialty filters and filtration materials.

Plan with the AB FILTER brand. We offer not only optimisation of the filtration technology of existing hydraulic and lubrication systems, but also a sophisticated approach to filtration for newly acquired machines and devices, which should be an integral part of their design.

Our wide range of products covers all standard industrial filtration applications.

You can rely on the AB FILTER brand. Our professional and specially trained team can prepare for you the optimum solution, and answer all your questions concerning correct and efficient filtration technology.