ExxonMobil is currently the largest oil producer in the world, taking care of the complete process from oil extraction to the sale of its derivatives. ExxonMobil products, from fuels to chemicals to oils are available worldwide and are used in numerous branches of industry. ExxonMobil is a major partner in all lubricant fields in developing ever better oils and plastic lubricants in accordance with the latest knowledge and the requirements of producers of equipment, machines and cars, as well as producers of many ingredients and semi-finished products. Ever better lubricants and fuels have been and continue to be developed, which particularly take into account requirements for energy consumption reduction and essential environmental protection.

The latest era in ExxonMobil’s history began in 2000, when two of the world’s most important producers of crude oil products merged, these being Exxon and Mobil Oil. Both these companies were founded in the 1870s in the United States of America. They underwent various changes in their ownership structure and names, and they were even part of the one company – Standard Oil Company – from 1882 until 1906.

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Their shared journey had to end as a result of the so-called Sherman Antitrust Act, when the company was divided into five independent subjects. Exxon and Mobil then went their separate ways only to join up again almost 100 years later. During this period, both companies made significant contributions to the massive expansion of the automotive industry, as well as to the global development of all industrial and manufacturing industries and the more effective extraction of crude oil.

ExxonMobil products are sold under the ESSO, Exxon and Mobil brands. After the companies were merged, a new strategy was taken on in Europe, resulting in an optimisation of their product ranges, focusing on the Mobil brand.