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AB FILTER. For demanding system and filtration solutions

The AB FILTER brand offers innovative individual and system solutions for filtration on your machines and equipment.

We offer both standard and customised solutions. Our wide range of products covers standard filtration solutions as well as demanding development solutions specific for the particular customer.

AB oil filtration sets can be used in connection with all lubrication and hydraulic oils.

We also offer complete servicing.

 Range of AB FILTER products:


AB hydraulic filters and filtration components

Hydraulic and lubrication systems work effectively and failure-free only if correct filtration control removes dirt from highly sensitive components such as valves, regulators and working cylinders. Our powerful AB hydraulic filters meet these requirements, without exception.

AB suction filters are used for protective filtration before the feed pump.

AB pressure filters were specially developed for hydraulic and lubrication systems. Together with our optimally matched high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure filtration components, you can quickly achieve the desired grade of cleanliness of the medium, and protect the sensitive regulation and control components of the hydraulic system. We also deliver AB pressure filters as double change-over filters, in order to avoid downtime when replacing the filtration elements during operation of the machine.

AB backflow filters separate worn components, abrasion particles and dirt contained in ambient air from oils and fluids, and effectively prevent any contamination of the tank.

AB aeration and deaeration filters prevent the suction of dust and dirt particles contained in ambient air. Quality aeration and ventilation is necessary in case the level in the tank fluctuates.


AB filtration oil units and oil filtration sets

Mobile AB oil filtration sets

Our AB filtration sets can be used with any lubricating or hydraulic oil (also with HFC fluid) with various viscosities.

When filling hydraulic systems, these units and sets guarantee the grade of cleanliness required by the component manufacturers; this can avoid failures of the hydraulic system.

Mobile sets from the AB FILTER company feature simple manipulation and are used in bypass filtration. This relieves your filtration system, and you can achieve an excellent class of purity in a very short time. Unnecessary expenses caused by premature replacements of oil are avoided.

Unique benefits of AB FILTER products:

Information on products in PDF-format documents:
AB filtration unit FA-K60-U-VR
AB filtration unit FA-K90-U-VR


Analysis of a lubricant

Service AB - Total Fluid Management

The Total Fluid Management service or the Complete Management of Oils and Fluids, which the company LUBSTAR, a.s. provides for many companies in the Czech Republic, is the guarantee of a smooth production process in your company. Not every company can afford to employ a tribologist. Within the scope of the Total Fluid Management service, we can control lubricants and fluids to prevent any possible consequences of their improper management, which could impact all your production processes.

In addition to possible physical impacts on the products included in the process, costly downtime could arise from the use of polluted lubricants not corresponding to the respective tribotechnical standards.

Polluted lubricants, which influence the final product of the biotechnical production processes of the food industry, can present significant health and safety risks for consumers. Effective control of contamination and quality should have the highest priority in manufacturing plants that use lubricants.

The Total Fluid Management service from the company LUBSTAR, a.s. is based on our long-term experience in this field. We know what is necessary to effectively control lubricants, and ensure that your production is really working properly.


AB bypass filtration

AB stationary bypass filtration

Bypass filters are used to achieve the optimum cleanliness of oil and increase the serviceability of the equipment, as well as the service life of the fluids. Using AB bypass filtration, you can quickly and effectively achieve the desired cleanliness. This reduces the loading on the filtration elements in the hydraulic system (pressure and backflow filters) and improves their effectiveness.

The AB Filter brand offers powerful bypass filters for bypass filtration, designed and dimensioned to match the sizes of the tanks and degree of pollution.

Unique benefits of AB FILTER products:


AB pressure filters and filtration mats

Compressed air is one of the most expensive carriers of energy. Energy costs are decisively affected by the pressure drop caused by filtration of air. This drop is compensated by more power to the compressor to keep the desired operating pressure; this means a higher consumption of energy and wearing of the compressor.

Innovative technology services from AB FILTER guarantee low operating costs and the high safety of processing.


AB strip filters and strip filtration equipment

Strip filtration equipment is important for the cost-effective production of machine tools. Continuous filtration of used cooling fluids using strip filters leads to greater durability of the cooling emulsion, and extends the length of time it can be used.

AB strip filters provide clean emulsion and eliminate the high costs of downtime caused by damaged machines. When used correctly, these filters contribute to the high quality of workpiece surfaces.